Launched in March 2017, our premium quality lounge - Eventyr - is a great place for you to relax in style before takeoff. The name Eventyr is a bow to Hans Christian Anderson, the Danish adventure fairytale author and keen globetrotter whose travelling trunk resides in the terminal.


Located on top of Pier C in Copenhagen Airport's non-Schengen area, Eventyr Lounge provides a 180-degree panoramic view from Øresund to Sweden, and over the runways and Aircraft at the gates. The interior features carefully selected work from renowned Danish designers such as Erik Jørgensen and Hay, and our dedicated staff are committed to delivering a truly great experience for each and every customer.




With more than 170 seats across 750sqm, our Lounge provides the perfect area of comfort away from the busy Terminal areas.

Eventyr offers complimentary Wifi so you can browse the web or catch up on work with ease.

The quality of comfort, food and care from our dedicated, friendly staff makes Eventyr the best and only place to be prior to takeoff.


The benefits of comfort, internet access, inclusive food and more comes at a small cost compared to spending the time in the Airport Terminal.


Our Lounge offers showering facilities and a wonderful range of consumables to help start your journey right; coffee, a collection of beverages and spirits, fresh fruits, hot meals, baked goods and pastries.


As the only Lounge after Passport Control, you are never far from your gate and have access to an exclusive, panoramic view of the Non-Schengen area.

Eventyr is​ located in the Non-Schengen area of Copenhagen Airport. Over 15,000 people pass through this area every day, so it is important for us to offer an affordable, comfortable Lounge, accessible to anyone looking to escape the bustle of the Airport Terminal.

At 750 square meters, the Lounge offers plenty of room to relax or work in comfort. We have state-of-the-art kitchens providing quality food and drink options, an unbeatable view of the Non-Schengen area and dedicated, welcoming staff ensuring your stay at the airport is more comfortable than ever before!

All of this and more is available for just 300kr, with no hidden costs. 


Want to see inside our fantastic facilities? Why not scroll through the photo gallery below:

Eventyr Lounge
Eventyr Lounge

Welcome to Copenhagen!

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Eventyr Lounge
Eventyr Lounge

Located in Pier C

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Eventyr Lounge
Eventyr Lounge

Start your journey right

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Eventyr Lounge
Eventyr Lounge

Welcome to Copenhagen!

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Eventyr Lounge

Pier C, Non-Schengen Area,

Copenhagen Airport
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6

2770 Kastrup, Copenhagen


Opening Hours
Monday : 05:30 - 18:00 

Tuesday : 05:30 - 18:00

Wednesday : 05:30 - 20:00

Thursday : 05:30 - 18:00

Friday : 05:30 - 20:00

Saturday : 05:30 - 18:00

Sunday : 05:30 - 20:00


+45 3231 4200